Surprising New Capabilities ED-XRF


Surprising New Capabilities of ED-XRF Technology

Ongoing innovations in energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence technology have revolutionized what were once regarded as relatively undeveloped analyzers with serious performance limitations.

That’s all changed. Today, advanced ED-XRF spectrometers can offer effective elemental measurement solutions for a wide array of both routine and challenging real-world analytical applications. These include petrochemicals, chemicals, environmental and geological samples, clinker/cement/slag, cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, and many more.

That, in brief, is the conclusion of this special white paper, which presents the views of three noted experts with wide experience in applied spectrometric analysis. Dr. Joachim Heckel is now senior consultant and formerly director of research and development for SPECTRO in Kleve, Germany. Alexander Seyfarth is Global XRF Technology Manager for SGS Minerals Group Canada, which is located in Lakefield, Ontario. Mario Van Driessche is the owner of X-Ray Services BV, and a consultant on spectroscopic analysis for the petrochemical and automotive industries as well as for analytical instrument makers, in Ertvelde, Belgium.

The paper charts the evolution of advanced ED-XRF against the relative stagnation of once-dominant (and substantially more expensive) wavelength-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (WD-XRF) spectrometer technology. It discusses the growing number of international standards and regulations that now permit or specify the use of ED-XRF analyzers. And it presents numerous examples of the benefits a high-end ED-XRF such as SPECTRO XEPOS brings to the table, including good to excellent performance in:
  • Sensitivity / precision / limits of detection (LODs)
  • Sample throughput / measurement time / readiness 
  • Ease of use / software
  • Compactness / simplicity
  • Lower price / cost of ownership
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